Free For The Picking: 100,000 Beautiful Tulips Will Fill Union Square On March 7

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A blooming wonderful way to welcome in spring!

On Saturday, March 7, 2020, Union Square will turn into a vivid field of 100,000 tulips. This floral utopia will be just like having a little patch of Holland’s famous tulip gardens growing in your own backyard. So, finalize those proposal plans, jot down your lover’s favorite color or round up your besties for a picture-perfect day out.

Everyone will be allowed to walk through the rainbow garden installation and pick yourself a whole a bouquet’s worth for free. Each person will be allowed to take up to 15 tulips until they run out, so be sure to get there as early as you can.


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This stunning display is courtesy of Royal Anthos, the Dutch flower bulb company, in celebration of Flower Bulb Day. According to the traders, the US is one of the biggest markets for tulip bulbs, importing half a billion from European suppliers every year! While all the bulbs were originally from Europe, they have all been locally grown.


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Vast color varieties and a bright, structured aesthetic have positioned the exotic blossoms as the ultimate symbol of opulence throughout history. So, it’s no surprise that they were responsible for the first economic crash dubbed ‘Tulipmania’ in the 1600s. Once the flowers become central to many artworks and more royal gardens began to cultivate them, their popularity soared. This was followed by a trading frenzy that saw prices raised to 16 years worth of the average salary. It eventually crashed and stands as a cautionary tale to the wolves of Wall Street.


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The mania hasn’t died off completely, however. The previous two years have seen the square picked clean so if you’re planning on taking a bouquet home with you, or if that coveted Holland tulip field pic has always been on your bucket list, but not in your budget, then make your way down to the tulips in Union Square between 1-4:30 pm.

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