12 Banana Bread Recipes That Cannot Be Ignored

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If you’re not making banana bread, are you even in lockdown?

With the amount of banana bread being made, the rumors of COVID-19 being sponsored by banana bread actually seem quite plausible. This simple comparison of search terms on Google Trends below will show you the clear correlation between the lockdown and banana bread. Over time, you’ll notice that your usual cakes and foods stay on a similar trajectory and then suddenly, around mid-March, there is a massive spike. And that seems to be continuing in an unstoppable, upward direction.

Perhaps it’s knowing that we can count on the sweet, fluffy loaf to deliver happiness amidst all this uncertainty, or maybe we’re finally reaping the rewards of our initial panic buys. It could even have been the well-documented case of Chrissy Teigen trading her banana bread for Romaine lettuce that led us to believe it would be replacing the dollar as a form of currency.

Either way, if this is the 1000000th loaf you’re making during the lockdown then you may want to spice things up with one (or all) of these delicious recipes.

1. Cream cheese banana bread

When two great things become one. This decadent union offers moist, tangy, fluffy, creamy goodness. What more could you honestly want from one single banana bread loaf? The art really lies in trying to get that creamy swirl to land up in the right place and making sure you don’t bake it for too long.

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2. Double chocolate banana bread

If this is what banana bread life is about then I could watch bananas go brown all day. Chocolate banana bread is an all-day, everyday food. Breakfast? Sure. Mid-morning snack? Duh. To replenish your energy after walking to the kitchen and back? You deserve it. Tea? You get the point.

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3. Vegan banana bread mug cake

Only a mouthful, but a dreamy one. Banana bread is one thing. The fact that it’s vegan is a bonus. But in the form of mug cake? That’s just pure heaven. The recipe also promises that it can all be done in under 5 minutes, or even 80 seconds when you get the hang of it — which you will.

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4. Grilled banana bread peanut butter S’more with vanilla marshmallows

banana bread lockdown
Halfbaked Harvest Banana Bread S’more

And this is how you take your banana bread crusts to the next level, with very little effort and maximum reward.

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5. Five-ingredient flourless (very key feature) banana bread

Who knew flour would be such an integral ingredient in surviving this pandemic? If you did, and you stocked up early, then you officially win at lockdown. For those that did not have the foresight and haven’t been able to find any, you can still hop on the banana bread bandwagon. Gather bananas, oats, eggs, maple syrup (or honey) and baking soda, mix and bake. It’s dangerously easy.

Recipe here

6. Peanut butter banana bread


The salty, nuttiness of peanut butter balances out the sweetness of banana perfectly — also, walnuts are dead boring. If you already have a banana loaf lying around, then whipping out a jar of peanut butter and spreading it on could spice things up a bit.

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7. Sweet potato banana bread

When the banana bread baking obsession takes hold, you might land up using your dinner ingredients too, which is absolutely encouraged. Sweet potato adds texture to the bread while keeping it moist and adding a beautiful, earthy sweetness to it. Top it off with whatever leftovers you find in the pantry.

Get the recipe in the post copy here

8. Marbled banana cake

banana bread lockdown
Garden and Table Marbled banana bread

The secret ingredient here is strained yogurt. It takes the edge off the sweetness and keeps the loaf gorgeously moist. Pour over heavy cream and dark chocolate ganache for a sophisticated treat.

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9. Banana rum bread

Garden and Table Marbled banana bread

This boozy twist on the now kitchen staple will test your discipline. The flavor of the rum will only reveal itself to those who have enough restraint to wait a day or two. Baking does not burn off the rum, so make sure no minors or pets can reach it.

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10. Vegan cinnamon chocolate banana loaf

Charleys Health banana bread

This spiced loaf will make you feel like it’s the festive season again. The ingredients add a dense but bouncy texture that’s broken up with smooth, melted bits of chocolate.

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11. Pina colada banana bread

banana bread lockdwon
Pina Colada Banana loaf by Mom on Timeout

This will easily replace happy hour. Of course, the pineapple adds moisture but it also adds unique texture along with the coconut.

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12. Cardomom chocolate chip banana bread

banana bread lockdown
Sweet Canela’s Banana Bread Cardamom loaf

Studies show that cardamom may have a positive effect on your anxiety levels along with a whole range of health benefits, including the ability to enhance your breathing. By simply adding this key ingredient to your baking efforts, you could essentially turn your kitchen into an aromatherapy spa.

Tip: A cute baking tray instantly gives an old recipe new life

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It’s fair to say that baking is the new therapy, so trying all of these recipes could even be good for your health. Go get your apron on and channel you inner Martha Stewart.

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