Here’s How You Can Adopt A Pair Of SF’s Iconic Wild Parrots

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Here’s How You Can Adopt A Pair Of SF’s Iconic Wild Parrots

These cherry-headed conures are rescued, nurtured back to health, and put up for adoption.

The wild parrots of San Francisco are a quintessential part of the city’s animal population. You may have heard them cackling over by the Ferry Building, where they tend to convene in large pandemonium (no, really – the word for a flock of parrots is a pandemonium).

These bright green and red birds are not native to the city, of course. They’re actually native to Ecuador and Peru, but appeared in San Francisco as a result of the exotic pet trade.

The SF parrot population is unfortunately suffering from neurological problems due to private use of rat poison, according to Mickaboo, a parrot rescue organization. These issues, which appear to be caused by Bromethalin poisoning, make the vibrant birds too dizzy to perch or fly. When they are unable to keep up with the flock, or if they’re otherwise injured from collisions with buildings or vehicles, Mickaboo takes them in.

When a parrot comes to Mickaboo, they immediately place it in veterinary treatment, which often costs over $1,000.

The birds are unable to return to the wild at this point, whether it be due to injuries or the extensive time away from the flock. Many of the birds will not recover from their neurological problems, but Mickaboo treats or stabilizes them before placing them in foster care for socialization and continued care.


Mickaboo puts these playful birds up for adoption so they may continue to receive lots of food, care, and love. Most parrots are adopted in pairs as they tend to do better with a friend.

You can apply to adopt or foster a pair of Mickaboo’s parrots by going through the approval process, which consists of a free bird class, a phone interview, a home visit, and an adoption fee.

Be sure to donate and support Mickaboo’s work in treating these beautiful birds. You can also shop at Mickaboo’s Cafepress Store for t-shirts, posters, and more.


[Featured Image: @ingridtaylar via Instagram]

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