Oakland Brewery Releases Limited-Edition Beer Cans With Photos Of Adoptable Pets

Jamie Ferrell Jamie Ferrell

Oakland Brewery Releases Limited-Edition Beer Cans With Photos Of Adoptable Pets

Ale Industries and the East Bay SPCA have collaborated on an adorable new initiative.

Oakland’s beloved Ale Industries brewery is known for pushing the envelope when it comes to creative beers, awesome can designs, and more. This week, they debuted a collaboration with the East Bay SPCA, which puts 20 adoptable cats and dogs on their West Coast IPA cans. Each can comes with a photo of the animal, their name, and a special QR code that will take you to a webpage with more info about them.

With any luck (and after some delicious beer), the project will help spark adoptions for Confetti, Luke, Ellie, Pebbles, Grim, Bailey, and the rest of the 20 featured animals.

“This project opens the door for us to help organizations committed to the welfare of our community,” wrote Ale Industries on Instagram. Proceeds from the sales will benefit the East Bay SPCA, according to Bay Area News Group.


East Bay SPCA is a local non-profit shelter that works to eliminate animal cruelty, neglect, and overpopulation. They’ve worked for animal welfare since 1874! The group provides veterinary services, training, and education for pet owners. Last year, they adopted out 1,901 total animals!

You can order the limited-edition beer cans online to be shipped through California and 37 US states. They’re also selling limited numbers of four-packs in their East Oakland taproom, located at 3096 E 10th St.


Featured image: Ale Industries 

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