There’s An Alpine Coaster With Stunning Views Of Lake Tahoe

Ashlyn Davis Ashlyn Davis

There’s An Alpine Coaster With Stunning Views Of Lake Tahoe

Not that we needed any more reasons to go to Lake Tahoe.

Lake Tahoe needs no introduction. Its crystal clear aqua waters have done the rounds on TikTok and Instagram with tanned influencers turning us green with envy as they glide around on transparent kayaks and get cozy around a fire in one of those cute A-frame forest cabins. The surrounding Sierra Nevada landscapes lend themselves to a plethora of activities, from winter skiing to spring and summertime hiking.

But for those that are lucky enough to reside in California and pay a visit, you may want to direct your gaze upwards, towards the rocky peaks for a lesser-known activity at the Heavenly Mountain Resort. We’re talking about the Ridge Rider Mountain Coaster.

You’ll notice something that resembles a rogue seat with wheels, racing through the pine trees and rock formations and you’ll probably hear the occasional scream echo through the area.  The track starts with a steepish drop and feels like your about to head straight off the edge before it takes a sharp turn. It continues to wind its way down the incline until it reaches the landing where you’ll see excited faces with a classic windswept hairdo.


This thrilling experience is only part of the journey though. To get to the starting point comes you’ll take a scenic gondola ride, where you can take in epic views of the lake.

A ticket for both rides starts at $43.00 for kids and goes up to $71.00 for adults. You can find out more here.


[Featured Image: Heavenly Mountain Resort via Facebook]

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