This LEGO® Art Exhibition Is Finally Open In San Francisco, And It’s Blowing Our Minds

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This LEGO® Art Exhibition Is Finally Open In San Francisco, And It’s Blowing Our Minds

San Francisco is now home to the world’s most popular display of LEGO® art! Artist Nathan Sawaya has officially kicked off his SF premiere of The Art of the Brick, which has wowed audiences across the globe. See over 70 brilliantly intricate works including colorful animals, recreations of classic paintings, and brand-new never-before-seen sculptures. The exhibition is made even more impressive within the beautiful Pantheon-inspired building at 1 Grant Avenue.

Doors are now open and tickets are selling fast to see The Art of the Brick in San Francisco!

See this classic children’s toy elevated to new heights – in some cases, literally. We’re talking a 20-foot-long T. rex sculpture made from 80,000 LEGO bricks, and life-size reimaginings of famous artworks including Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa and Michelangelo’s David. This display of Sawaya’s sculptures is accompanied by a collection of LEGO-infused photographs from award-winning photographer Dean West.

Sawaya brings a striking kinetic energy to his creations, many of which appear to defy the laws of physics by depicting billowing fabric, detailed muscle, and other organic shapes. His series of vibrant human forms is especially fascinating, with the famous sculpture Yellow even making a cameo in Lady Gaga’s music video “G.U.Y.” 

Most of the large-scale sculptures take around 15,000-20,000 pieces and 2-4 weeks to make. Sawaya painstakingly builds his creations brick by brick, using the same exact LEGO pieces you can buy in stores. His precise, careful treatment of the famous toys brings them into a new realm previously unexplored by other artists. It’s no wonder CNN rated The Art of the Brick as one of the world’s “Must-See Exhibitions!”

The Art of the Brick has just opened its doors at 1 Grant Ave, a gorgeous Pantheon-inspired building near Union Square. It’s an official SF landmark complete with a large concrete dome and magnificent bronze doors – an appropriate exhibition space for a collection as magnificent as this one!


The Art of the Brick

January 26, 2022 10:00 AM
From $18.20
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