An Immersive Sound Theatre Is Disneyland For Your Ears • Audium Sound Theatre San Francisco

By Ashlyn Davis

audium sound theatre san francisco

Sit back and let the sonic waves take you on the ride of your life.

Audium’s Kubrick-Esque aesthetics set the tone for electro-acoustic soundscapes sending you off on a sonic odyssey. In utter darkness. [PHOTO: Audium Sound Theatre via Instagram]


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The conceptual sound theatre began in 1962 when composer, Stan Shaff, and technical designer, Doug McEachron, realized the rich scope of sound was limited by all one-dimensional audio spaces of the time. This pioneering labyrinth is comprised of 176 speakers, 49 concentric seats and carefully engineered surfaces that form a compositional tool.


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At the helm of the experience is a composer moving sounds around the room with a custom-built console. You’ll explore sensory dimensions, as sounds skate around the sloping suspensions and elevations of the room, reverberating into a psychoacoustic-stratosphere. Eventually, your senses start to shape the surrounding blackness.


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Audium’s performances draw on ‘Musique Concrète’ techniques, a compositional style that utilizes prerecorded samples that are stretched, looped and layered tape music, first discovered by Halim_El-Dabh. The intensity, rhythm, and movement of the sounds increase your audio sensitivity which some will find challenging and others will be completely entranced by.

The experience could be likened to a transcendental meditation (TM) guided by Morton Subotnick, founder of The Tape Music Center and father of electronic music.

Practical information

Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 8:15pm.
$20 cash at the door or online.

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