15 B-Corp Organizations In SF That Are Doing The Most For The Environment

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15 B-Corp Organizations In SF That Are Doing The Most For The Environment

If you’re not supporting sustainable businesses, you’re not doing it right!

The Bay Area prides itself on championing sustainability, buying locally, and finding innovative solutions to keep our planet healthy and safe. If you’re looking to educate yourself on ways to help the planet, be sure to look into the B Corporation website. They certify businesses all over the world for having ethical practices and sustainably sourced products.

When a business receives a B Corporation certification, that means that it “meets the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.” B Corporation businesses must meet a rigorous set of parameters and are legally required to evaluate the impact of each business decision on their workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment. Businesses are evaluated on a 200-point B Impact Assessment scale, and must achieve a minimum score of 80 to receive the certification. Some famous B corporations include Ben & Jerry’s, Allbirds (started in SF!), and Klean Kanteen.

The following is an incomplete list of fantastic B corporations in San Francisco, but be sure to visit the B corporation website for a full list of certified organizations by category.


Food and Beverage

1. The FruitGuys

Combats hunger by delivering farm fresh produce from small farms, donating 20% of annual profits to organizations that serve the needy.

Overall B Impact Score: 96.8

Certified Since: August 2019

Location: 490 Eccles Avenue, South San Francisco, CA 94080


2. Torani

93-year-old family-owned SF startup that creates flavored syrups, sauces, fruit smoothies and more.

Overall B Impact Score: 87.6

Certified Since: January 2019

Location: Various food retailers


3. Mixt

Family-owned restaurant chain ad food manufacturer offering delicious, healthy, high-quality lunch options.

Overall B Impact Score: 88.2

Certified Since: August 2018

Location: 5 locations across SF


4. ReGrained

Upcycles grain waste from beer brewing process to create award-winning nutrition bars, puffs and premium ingredients.

Overall B Impact Score: 89.4

Certified Since: March 2018

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5. Olly 

Creates delicious gummy nutrition supplements, multivitamins, protein powders, and bars.

Overall B Impact Score: 80.3

Certified Since: December 2017

Locations: Order online or find in your local pharmacy


6. Zego

Creates accessible plant-based packaged snack and breakfast foods.

Overall B Impact Score: 112.8

Certified Since: July 2017

Location: 912 Cole Street #294, San Francisco, CA 94117


7. Bi-Rite Family of Businesses

Serving San Francisco since 1940, Bi-Rite grocery markets stock accessible and diverse products from local producers, farmers, and neighbors.

Overall B Impact Score: 103.9

Certified Since: August 2015

Location: 5 locations across SF


8. Alter Eco


Produces premium chocolate products including chocolate bars and truffles. Supports regenerative agriculture, carbon sequestration and full-circle sustainability.

Overall B Impact Score: 133.8

Certified Since: January 2009

Locations: Various food retailers across SF


Apparel and Accessories

9. Athleta

Since 1998, Athleta has designed stylish, comfortable, high-quality performance and sports apparel for women and girls. 71% of Athleta apparel is made of 30% or more preferred (sustainable) fibers, and they offer thousands of free fitness and wellness events.

Overall B Impact Score: 84.3

Certified Since: March 2018

Locations: 255 Sutter Street and 2226 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, CA


10. Allbirds

Shoe retailer from San Francisco that creates comfortable, breathable footwear made from ethically farmed sheep wool, recycled bottles, castor bean oil, recycled cardboard, sugarcane, recycled nylon, eucalyptus tree fibers, and more.

Overall B Impact Score: 89.4

Certified Since: December 2016

Locations: 3 locations in SF


11. Creative Action Network

Distributes fun and quirky presents created by a global community of artists and designers. Products include masks, socks, pins, posters, books and more.

Overall B Impact Score: 113.1

Certified Since: March 2015

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Lifestyle and Personal Care

12. Cora (Lyv Life Inc.)

Manufactures safe, healthy, sustainable, organic menstrual products. Each purchase of a month’s supply of products also sends a month’s supply of pads to a girl in need in a developing country.

Overall B Impact Score: 105.1

Certified Since: July 2016

Location: Various pharmacies and retailers


13. Grove Collaborative

Creates innovative natural home products including cleaning supplies, laundry detergents and soaps.

Overall B Impact Score: 80.3

Certified Since: June 2014

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14. Yellow Leaf Hammocks

Hand-woven, customizable hammocks that create economic opportunities for marginalized ethnic groups including the endangered Mlabri Tribe.

Overall B Impact Score: 148.5

Certified Since: May 2011

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15. P.L.A.Y. Pet Lifestyle and You

[Photographer credit: @theteddietales]

SF-based pet store creating eco-friendly and sustainable pet beds and toys.

Overall B Impact Score: 87.5

Certified Since: June 2016

Location: Various retailers in San Francisco

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