This New San Francisco Smash Room Is All The Rage

Jamie Ferrell Jamie Ferrell

This New San Francisco Smash Room Is All The Rage

Bay Area Smash Room is the perfect place to let off some steam when life gets to be too much. After the success of their Fairfield location, which opened last year, another popular smash room opened up in San Francisco this past month.

Guests to Bay Area Smash Room should arrive ready to wail on old electronics, furniture, kitchenware, and more. Each of the private rooms supplies smashable items, weapons, hard hats, gloves, protective glasses, and even speakers with phone mounts so you can play your own rage playlist. You need only arrive with long pants and sleeves, closed toe shoes, and perhaps an old framed picture of your ex.

Owner Miguel Moises told SFGATE that he opened the Fairfield location after experiencing one himself in Miami. He gets his supply of breakable items from local thrift stores and donations. “Guests are welcome to bring in personal items they want to smash, or they can use a Sharpie and write the name of someone like an ex, or their boss, on objects prior to destroying them,” he said.

An article by Elizabeth Scott, PhD from Very Well Mind considers the impact of smash rooms. It turns out that many studies show venting in this way actually can increase anger. She suggests that the merit of smash rooms may simply come from trying something new, bonding with others, and having some gold old pure fun.

Whatever your reason for trying out a smash room, just remember to take the appropriate safety measures and your best pals for an ideal smashing experience!


Smashers 12 years and older are welcome to join in the fun at Bay Area Smash Room, but anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a legal adult. Smash packages include varying lengths of time, group sizes and materials. And don’t worry, you won’t have to clean up after yourself.

You can find Bay Area Smash Room at 1005 Market Street in San Francisco, or 592 Parker Rd in Fairfield.


Featured image: Bay Area Smash Room via Facebook

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