Have A King’s Breakfast Inside This 83-Year-Old Post Office • Kings Cafe

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Have A King’s Breakfast Inside This 83-Year-Old Post Office • Kings Cafe

Tried and true.

In Kings Beach, locals and visitors all flock to the same place to spend their mornings: Kings Cafe. It is undoubtedly the most popular and unofficially crowned the real best breakfast spot in Tahoe. As common as it is to see signs with promises of Best this and Best that, actions speak louder than words and this is no exception. Lines leading straight out the door are always a sure indicator of just how good the food is, and it’s definitely something you can expect when you plan your visit.

[Featured image: Yelp / Aaron Z.]

Kings Cafe sits in King Building, a historic brick flatiron between Brook Avenue and North Lake Boulevard. It was originally built in 1937 by Joseph King, a Texas native who came to the area sometime in the 1920s. A well-liked and well-respected figure, King was responsible for much of the development of Kings Beach – hence the name.

Even so, he was somewhat of a mystery to local residents. King had a reputation for being quite the tough guy, his one eye certainly driving his intimidating appearance home. Rumor has it, King won the money to buy the land in a poker game with wealthy real estate developer Robert P. Sherman. Others believe it was a game with millionaire George Whittell Jr.

Needless to say, Joe King certainly made an impact on the community. King Building was actually the town’s first post office, despite its brief run of five years before closing. Enter Bobby Starbard. Almost 70 years later, the Tahoe native would breathe new life into the old post office with his opening of Kings Cafe. A cozy building with a quirky past, but who doesn’t love a good story?

It’s all part of the experience. Kings Cafe is casual, reasonably priced and vegetarian-friendly. For all of our fellow heat-lovers and flavor-seekers, each table is generously stocked with six different types of hot sauce so you can level-up your breakfast accordingly. And don’t even get us started on the sauces. Made in-house every morning, Kings Cafe boasts a fresh salsa verde, a cilantro lime sauce, Thousand Island, chipotle ranch, pico de gallo and a pesto.

Breakfast burritos and tacos are the stars of the show at Kings Cafe, but the menu has changed quite a bit since it’s opening in 2011. Starbard told SFGate that he wanted to open up Kings Cafe as a creative outlet, as he also owns the Char-Pit, another local favorite that maintains a much more permanent menu.

Regardless of what’s currently on the menu, Kings Cafe is sure not to disappoint and is definitely worth the wait.


Location 8421 North Lake Blvd., Kings Beach, CA.

Hours: Open every day from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM 

Contact: (530) 546-3663

For more information, visit their website.

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