15 Of The Best Home Workouts (Including Some Free Ones)

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best home workouts

Home workouts for every type of person.

Staying fit and healthy when you can’t leave the house and when you don’t have an indoor gym can be challenging. Motivation to stay in shape dwindles when you’re only seeing friends and colleagues from the neck up and your baggy sweats become your best friend. But, if one thing comes out of this wild time in isolation, it should be that we use time of no social commitments to better ourselves and tick off those New Year’s resolution goals. So here are some of the more interesting ways to achieve that Summer body— even if it never makes it to the beach.

1. Best for hula hooping: The Majorettes

Who knew you could spend a few weeks having fun and come out of it with abs harder than diamonds? The 5 x World Record holding troupe is hosting free Instagram classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays to keep your body busy while you’re stuck at home. Hoops are not essential.

2. Best for street dancing: Steezy

Master whacking and krumping with video tutorials by top industry choreographers. Choose from a whole range of street styles from the likes of Nicole Kirkland (who happens to be offering free Instagram Live classes too) or Krump Champion of the World, Sherwin Salonga. Each video allows you to play moves from different angles and slow down loops so you can hone in on the steps. They’re also offering one free #SocialDisDANCING class a week at the moment, so you can try it out for yourself.

3. Best for VR boxing: BoxVR

BoxVR is a rhythm-based boxing workout that consists of punching blue and pink neon targets, ducking and sidestepping obstacles as they fly at you. All the workout playlists are created by top industry professionals accompanied by high-energy music. You will need a VR headset, sweatband and some living room space for this though. You can find it on PlayStation StoreOculus Quest store, or on SteamVR.

4. Best for alternative yoga: Naked in Motion

Yoga has taken on every possible form in the last decade. From yoga that features goats or fits of rage, there is always something new to add to the ancient practice. Naked yoga, on the other hand, strips things back. The aim of the class is to allow you to free yourself from your body and bring your focus into your mind. Join an online class or organize a personal session if a whole virtual room of nudity makes your squirm.

5.Best for body positivity: B.come Project by Bethany Meyers

Bethany Meyers has created an entirely new approach to working out. Her community is built around strengthening your body with stretches and exercises that are tailored to your body’s own natural movements, with an emphasis on alignment. Beyond a physical workout, however, the tailored routines are about understanding the relationship between your emotions and your body. You can take classes on her site or app, which comes with a free 10-day trial, or try out some tutorials here.

6. Best for high-energy junkies: Barry’s Bootcamp

Barry’s has a whole range of free IGTV training sessions for you to try right now. Workouts with the trendy studio consist of fun, high-intensity interval routines that are great for building strength and fitness.

7. Best for cyclists: Peleton

Peleton has won over home cyclists around the world, but the service offers more than just cycling —and not all of them require equipment. Try out anything from cycling, yoga, pilates, meditation to strength training on the app, which comes with a 90-day free trial.

8. Best for barre: Pure Barre

The Pure Barre’s patented technique focuses on small, controlled movements that use your own bodyweight to build strength without bulking up. The On-Demand classes allow you to access an entire library of workouts wherever you find yourself. You can try out a free workout with one of these exclusive Facebook Live classes.


9. Best for anyone with a lot of money: Mirror

Mirror is the equivalent of bringing a personal trainer into your home in the form of a sleek mirror installation that connects to multiple devices with access to a vast selection of tailored workouts. Of course, you can share your results and track your progress too.

10. Best for sculpting: P.volve

Want the svelte limbs of Blanca Padilla, Nadine Leopold, Romee Strijd? Then this is a good place to start. Victoria’s Secret model trainer, Stephen Pasterino, is the creator of p.volve. His approach uses functional-movements that maintain sustainable fitness. There are over 200 videos to stream on the app or you can subscribe to their IGTV channel to snag a free 20 min workout.

11. Best for voguing like an SF local:  Jocquese Whitfield’s tutorial

Take a lesson with San Francisco voguing legend and creator of the “Vogue and Tone” class that normally takes place at Dance Mission Theater. If you can’t make it to a real-life class you can still learn the five basic elements on YouTube here, after that it’s up to you to channel your inner queen and add your own energy to the routine.

12. Best for pilates: Blogilates

The social media fitness sensation, Cassey Ho, is the proud owner of the highly successful Blogilates YouTube channel. You can access a wealth of workouts across her channels and you can even try out her 14-day quarantine workout plan if you’re terrible at co-ordinating a fitness schedule.

13. Best for ballet: Tiler Peck Live 

Since the pandemic started, the Principal Dancer at New York City Ballet has been hosting free live classes on Instagram every single day. What she makes look easy will prove to be highly challenging but rewarding for those who try out this class for novels and veterans alike. Also, the fact that Peck’s granny makes an appearance on her feed, following along with the classes, makes for some seriously wholesome content.

14. Best for cross fit: Rich Froning

Rich Froning Jr. is the first person to have won the title of “Fittest Man on Earth” four times at the CrossFit games. His Instagram feed is filled with photos of his ridiculously ripped physique, which could inspire anyone and of course he is backed by all the big brands in the field. Most of his workout material has at least a 30-day free trial. alternatively, you can try out a few sessions with his free “Mayem Quarantine Bonus Workouts” on his YouTube channel here.

15. Best for trendy socialites: Obé

Obé channels all of that 80s workout glam and kits it out with fancy lighting and all of the hottest workout trends. If you love boutique studios and taking live classes, then this one is for you. Pricing can get a little steep, but there’s always a free trial to help you determine whether your self-confidence is worth it.

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