You Can Now Attend This 80s Musical Movie Mash-Up In San Francisco

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You Can Now Attend This 80s Musical Movie Mash-Up In San Francisco

The Brat Pack, an 80s musical movie mash-up, is set to fill San Francisco with nostalgia. Combining a selection of the most influential teen films of the 1980s and their hit soundtrack into a synth-pop journey, the musical experience takes you through the tumultuous world of high school. Put on your beloved spandex, muscle tees and leg warmers, and get ready for an event straight out of the 80s!

Get transported to the world of the most iconic 80s films!

Ah, high school… Its heartbreak and existential crises took us all for a whirlwind. Who doesn’t know the classic teenage archetypes that rocked us through our building years? The Basket Case, the Jock, the Geek, the Princess, and the Rebel… clichés well known to any lover of the iconic Breakfast Club. The Brat Pack follows these 5 teenage archetypes through the eventful experience of growing up, immersing us into a true MTV teen dream… 

The television station was in its early prime in the 80s, shifting the relationship between cable television and music. Its electric neon sets shaped the aesthetic of the decade, heavily inspiring the visual style of The Brat Pack

Immerse yourself in the aesthetic of the 80s…

And what’s more MTV-esque than retro boomboxes and disco balls? The Brats’ particular aesthetic is supported by Emmy award winning For The Record creative team, who have previously designed events like The Oscars, the MTV VMAs, and The Grammys

Discover a heart-warming high school musical featuring great 80s films soundtrack and scripts, where Broadway and classic 80s films merge for an evening straight out of the ‘Me-First Decade’. From sweet sixteen to gym class, detention to prom, all the way to graduation, it’s a nostalgic recount of five unlikely friends making their way through love and friendship.

Immerse yourself in the world of Samantha Baker and her birthday cake, Lloyd Dobler and his boombox held high, and even Andie Ringwald’s unexpected prom night… all in one musical. The most memorable moments from 10 of the best teen films of the 1980s await you at the heart of The Nikko at Union Square. 

The Brat Pack Live: An 80s Musical Movie Mash-Up

From November 2021
Starting at $79
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