California Academy Of Sciences To Open On March 17

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California Academy Of Sciences To Open On March 17

Be sure to check up on Claude, the albino alligator!

Who’s ready?! The California Academy of Sciences, which has been closed to the public for a year, is finally opening up again on March 17th, with a slew of Covid-19 precautions to ensure a safe visit.

“Claude got a scrubdown. The penguins are in black tie. And T. rex is all smiles,” said the Academy on their website. This means most of the Academy’s awesome exhibits will be open to the public, with the exception of highly interactive ones. Members and donors will be allowed to visit in advance on the 15th and 16th, and the Academy opens to the general public on the 17th.

The Academy of Sciences has some of the most advanced research facilities and fascinating exhibits in the world, including the famous Osher Rainforest and Living Roof. There are almost 40,000 creatures to see, ranging from African penguins to an enormous butterfly canopy. If you haven’t been to the Academy (or if, like most of us, it’s been way too long since your last visit), there’s no limit to the amazing experiences you can have.


Here’s a rundown of new policies and Covid precautions you can expect upon the Academy of Science’s reopening:


  • Advanced reservations are required for all guests including members and donors, and should be made at least 1 day in advance.
  • Tickets are available up to 3 weeks in advance, and the earlier you reserve, the more you save.
  • Tickets will have entry times so as to stagger the arrival of guests.
  • The Academy continues to offer $3 tickets for certain visitors as part of the Museums for All cooperative. EBT, WIC, Lifeline Pass, and Med-Cal cardholders may access this by presenting their card in person on arrival.

Exhibit Closures and Limitations

  • The following exhibits will continue to be temporarily closed due to their high degree of interactivity:
    • Morrison Planetarium
    • Naturalist Center
    • Curiosity Grove
    • Discovery Tidepool
    • The fog room in Giants of Land and Sea
  • The Osher Rainforest and Shake House require a reservation upon arrival due to limited capacity and cleaning time. There is no extra charge to reserve, although reservations are first-come, first-served. The Academy recommends making your reservation as soon as you arrive for the best chance at snagging a spot, which is easily done (and contactless!) by scanning a QR code on your phone in the lobby.

Covid-19 Precautions

  • Health self-screening questions, to be checked before arrival. If you show Covid-19 symptoms or have any other trouble, tickets are easily rescheduled.
  • All guests 3 and up must wear a mask correctly over their mouth and nose at all times.
  • Eating and drinking available in outdoor spaces only (grab-and-go food available)
  • Hand sanitizing stations throughout the Academy.
  • Physical distancing aided by floor decals, directional signage, and more.
  • Building will be at 20% capacity.
  • Advanced cleaning and disinfection throughout the day.
  • Increased airflow and filtration via updated HVAC system.
  • Read more about these precautions on the Academy’s website, or on their Health and Safety Plan submitted to the SF Department of Public Health.

[Featured Image: Photo by Corleone Brown on Unsplash  ]

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