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Now you can have your cake and drink it too!

Do you love tea? Do you love cake? Do you love boba too? If the answer is “yes!” (obviously), then you have come to the right place. This modern, sunlit shop, wedged between Lower and Upper Haight, stirs up all your boba-filled favorites and throws in two tasty twists: fresh fruits and cake batter. “Teatotalers”, welcome to your new watering hole.


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There is so much to try at this unique tea shop, that promises unicorn-flavored “organic happiness”. And of course, it’s all customizable–including the tea flavor, fresh fruit added and the sweetness levels.

Let’s give the menu a whirl…

Dirty teas


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Dirty tea is essentially milk tea with brown sugar and boba. Boba is first dipped into the caramelized sugar before the milk is poured over it. The “dirty” bit refers to the wavy patterns of the syrup dripping down the cup walls and swirling around in the milk.

Crema (Cheese) teas


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This is your favorite loose-leaf tea topped with a “head” of cream cheese. You still get the regular sweetness of milk but with a savory finish. These come in a whole range of delicious flavors but the Crema Grape Oolong has a touch of sea salt with a buttery consistency. There is also a very specific technique required to drink these liquid desserts, but we will save that for another time.

Ice frappes


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These vivid beauties are made up of crushed ice, tea and fresh fruit with homemade Crema gently stirred in. They only come in three flavors which are Strawberry Frappe, Pineapple Frappe and Mango Frappe, but more may be added with the seasons.

And now for the Cake Teas


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Meet the Cake Teas. These original concoctions are made up of two parts raw cake mix (with no egg) and milk tea. The batter adds a foamy, fluffy texture and comes in three delicious flavors–which you could probably try in one single sitting, to be honest. They are; Pink Panther, which is a combination of jasmine tea and strawberry cake, Lil’ Giraffe, which is black tea and golden butter cake and lastly there’s the Camouflage, a mixture of matcha and golden butter cake. Of course, all drinks are served with an adorable T-Rex attempting to devour the delights.

There is plenty to try in this marvelous little establishment, there are also plenty of limited-edition flavors, like the Horchata, so it’s worth checking in regularly.

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Practical information

Mon - Tue 11AM–9PM, Sun 11AM–8:30PM
$5 - $5.75 per drink
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