Experience The Bliss Of Cherry Blossom Season With These 360° Videos

Ashlyn Davis Ashlyn Davis

vr cherry blossom

Enjoy the most beautiful cherry blossom attractions in Japan, from anywhere in the world.

The pink skyline of cherry blossom season marks the beginning of spring around the world. As all of Japan’s hanami parties or sakura (cherry blossom viewing) festivals have been canceled along with all your local festivals, our devices have become windows to the outside world.

To encourage everyone to stay in as much as possible, the Japanese Weather News channel has put together a playlist of over 50 360º videos, allowing anyone to wander through the beautiful avenues of blossoming trees. Browse a few of the playlist highlights below.

Meguro River in Shibuya is one of the top cherry blossom spots, boasting 4 km of river, lined with 800 trees. It’s usually brimming with people, strolling along the river and occasionally stopping to enjoy offerings from the many stalls.

This video captures the essence of picnicking on petal fields and walking along paths of illuminated trees during the early evening.


Your virtual meandering is accompanied by traditional music and the chattering of visitors, making it just a tad closer to that tangible experience we’re all yearning for right now.

To enjoy more cherry blossom magic, you can watch the rest of the ‘Sakura VR’ playlist on YouTube.

[Featured image: Sora Sagan via Unsplash]

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