People Are Turning Social Distancing Into A Fashion Statement With “Corona Couture”

Ashlyn Davis Ashlyn Davis

corona couture

Social distancing, but make it fashion—”Corona couture” is having a moment.

Apocalyptic inspired designs have always been on the fringes of mainstream trends, but as the crisis continues to pervade the global consciousness, fashion may be the practical and creative outlet we need. Celebrities are already making sartorial statements regarding the pandemic, while brands are using their perfumeries to produce hand sanitizers for local hospitals. In addition to that, many designers are finding ways of making protective clothing less intimidating. [Featured image by Sheid Lina]

As supermarket aisles become our runways and plastic squeeze bottles become our new accessories, this might be what our usual attire looks like in the not-so-distant future.

1. Customized hazmat suits by Eryka Badu

Erykah Badu’s “social distancing couture” featured a customized hazmat suit spray-painted with the Louis Vuitton logo in black and red ombré.

2. Anything to ward off BS

Billie Eilish was seen sporting a Gucci organza mask and gloves at the Grammy’s this year. More of a statement that protective gear, but the message is clear.

3. Or people in general

4. Diva Quarantina

If you’re asking yourself “does my forehead look big in this?” you’re probably heading in the right direction. Samia Alzakleh, the Jordanian self-proclaimed ‘Queen of Stass’, has been bejeweling masks and anything else that covers your face and eyes. Wadih Elnajjar, the popular Dubai-based photographer, is already a big fan.

5. Protective layers—Paris Fashion Week saw this coming.

French designer Marine Serre debuted her collection at Paris Fashion Week earlier this year and it couldn’t have been more timely. The collection exuded extreme body coverage with layers of eclectic, clashing prints. Highlights included ornate stockings worn as face gloves, models veiled in glittering cloth, thick gingham face masks and hot pink accessories like water bottles and survival kit bags.

6. Bridal gimp wear

Weddings have also fallen victim to the pandemic, but perhaps these might offer a practical alternative to the classic veil.


7. Disco on the go

Fun, but safety first.

8.  Balloon dresses

Jeff Koon meets Fashion Week. Fredrik Tjaerandsen might have unintentionally provided an ideal solution for mingling in during a global pandemic. Personally, really excited about this one.

9. Clinical chic

10. Decorative defense

11.’Shelter In Place’ with designer duvets

When you’re basically living in your bed but still want to be cute. The Viktor & Rolf AW18 collection was way ahead of its time.

12. Haute hounds in pet protection 

13. Craft couture

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