Costume Company Behind HBO’s ‘Chernobyl’ Donates Protective Gear To Hospitals

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On-screen costumes from popular shows like Chernobyl will be used by healthcare professionals to help fight COVID-19.

Peris Costumes has announced that they’ll be donating protective gear they’ve designed for movies and television shows to essential workers.  In addition to donating their stock of protective clothing, the Spain-based costumiers are also producing “masks, protective robes and hats” to be distributed across “hospitals, police departments, social services, and city halls,” according to a statement made by CEO of Peris Costumes, Javier Toledo.

One of the suits donated.  [photo credit: PERIS Costumes International / Facebook]

Established in 1856, this costume company specializes in making and renting costumes for cinema, television series, commercial advertisements, and theater. They are responsible for the costumes of countless international hits such as: Chernobyl, Vikings, Money Heist, Elite, Alatriste, The Plague, and the James Bond trilogy, among others.

Last week, Peris Costumes took to Facebook to announce that in “solidarity with the current situation has converted its costume production workshops to be able to offer free protection material, masks and robes to institutions in need.”

One of the suits donated.  [photo credit: PERIS Costumes International / Facebook]

And as noted in Toledo’s statement, Peris Costumes has obtained sanitary material to produce produce their own protective gear for healthcare professionals. Since they don’t usually manufacture PPE, they put their material through a process known as ozonisation in order to sterilize all items.

Donated protective gear.

The statement goes on to explain that these efforts are “a humble contribution to this dantesque situation on behalf of the film industry, television and theater as a whole” and highlights the importance of enriching society by way of the cinematic world.


In recent weeks, a number of these items have already reached several institutions including senior citizen residences, government agencies, hospitals and foundations in Spain, as well as a fire department in Lisbon.

Masks made by Peris Costumes.

You can read CEO Javier Toledo’s full statement below (in english on second slide):

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[Featured image: IMDb Chernobyl]