Coyotes Seem To Be Enjoying The Bay While People Are Away

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coyotes san francisco

The beautiful canine creatures have been spotted enjoying San Francisco a little more than usual during shelter-in-place.

As humans empty the streets and parks of the city, huddling up at home and scouring the web for virtual escapes, coyotes have been enjoying casual strolls around Bernal Heights and taking in bay views from public benches. While coyotes are not new to San Francisco, there has been a rise in sightings around the Bay Area in recent years and certainly, the past few weeks. [Featured Image: u/beccatravels via Reddit]

Although there has been a flood of fake stories pertaining to dolphins, drunk elephants and other animals reclaiming cities, these rare sightings are a little more within the realms of reality.

Twitter user @manichkumar posted this image of a coyote strolling along the sidewalks in San Francisco last week (he’s probably dashing to the shops before the queues get out of hand).

Christina Farr, a CNBC reporter, saw a whole pack of them in town which she posted to Twitter just over a week ago. Tim Smith, another Twitter user replied to the thread with a picture of one on a sports field in Bernal Heights.

On March 25, @BathtubBulletin posted a photo of a coyote enjoying the fresh air in Glen Park.


Meanwhile, Marin Headlands has seen a few of the canine beauties enjoying sweeping views of the Golden Gate bridge.

Another SF coyote! from r/bayarea

This guy might be a regular, but he’s clearly enjoying the peace and quiet as the cars and crowds clear out.

Coyotes going back to san francisco from r/coyote

As the days inside continue, it’s nice to know someone is still enjoying the city.

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