Crêpe Cakes: All You Need To Know About The Delicious Stacked Dessert

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crepe cakes

And how to get your piece of the cake craze in the Bay Area

Imagine the slim, ever so slightly gooey pancake, with crispy frills, filled with one of your many favorite toppings. Now imagine 30 layers of that, drizzled with a delicious sweet sauce and cubes of fruit crowing this decadent tower. That my friends, is a crêpe cake.

The trend has been around for some time in other parts of the world. You may know it as Mille Gateau – “mille” meaning thousand – or Gâteau de Crêpes, if you have a French connection. You may have even seen it in Japan or you might have heard the term “Lady M” (Lady “Mille”) being thrown around in bakeries. It’s no surprise that the delicious invention has made it’s way to the Bay Area. But, in a big way.

This is a roundup of all the luscious layers you’ll find around town, momentarily taking up space in bakeries before they´re inhaled.

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1. U: Dessert Story, Mission District


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U: Dessert is the king of crêpe cakes, so much so that they’ve opened a second joint in Berkley. The imagination that goes into their crepe recipes is so incredible that it deserves an entire post. Every majestic cake infuses exotic Asian-inspired flavors from the Coconut Pandan to the magic Thai Tea Sauce.

📍3489 16th St, San Francisco, CA 94114, United States

📍1849 Shattuck Ave, Berkley, CA, 94709, United States

2. Lady M, wherever you find yourself in California


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Layers of crêpe brushed with the nutty-not-too-sweet goodness of homemade pistachio pastry cream, using Californian pistachios. The foamy, edible cushion is Lady M’s gift to the West Coast. And it may just be a sybarite’s stairway to heaven.

📍2045 McKinnon Ave, San Francisco, CA 94124, United States

3. Amausaan Uji Matcha, Inner Richmond and Berkley


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The Chinese owner with a Japanese education is sharing his passion with the world. The international chain first graced the West Coast two years ago, in Berkeley, and has since opened a second chain. Staying true to Japanese traditions, the cakes are infused with matcha tea and are minimally decorated with just a dash of icing sugar.

📍354 Clement st, San Francisco, CA

📍1950 Shattuck ave, Berkeley, CA

4. Anton’s Patisserie, Silicon Valley


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Silicon Valley is known for its innovations but we’re willing to bet that this is the most satisfying one yet. Let’s just stop to take in the striking juxtaposition of black sesame and white cream for a second. Then, resume to thank the gateau gods (or Anton) for this homemade slice of life.

📍1969 O’Toole Way, San Jose, CA 95131, United States

5. Little Swan Bakery Cafe, Chinatown


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A Japanese bakery in Chinatown, maybe that’s what makes this special? This is the well-disguised spot that hits the spot, with crepe cakes for the sugar cravings and boba teas to wash it down.

📍1249 Stockton St, San Francisco, CA 94133, United States

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