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The best ways to unplug and recharge near the Bay Area.

Let’s face it, most of us struggle to hold a conversation without our eyes straying towards our phones every time the screen lights up with a notification. If your thumbs start twitching every time they leave the screen maybe it’s time to peel yourself off your beloved device and check-in to one of these tranquil havens. Go off-the-grid and rekindle your love for nature with these amazing places.

1.Esalen, Big Sur


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Okay, so it falls a little outside of the Bay Area, but it’s worth it! If 120 acres of lush lands, rocky cliffs, and wild ocean don’t help you find your center, perhaps a shamanic cosmology or songwriting workshop will. The established institute boasts a pretty remarkable list of visitors, from Deepack Chopra and Ansel Adams to Bob Dylan, which encourages a skeptical mind. If you’re not up for exploring your inner frontiers just yet there is plenty of uncharted coastal landscape to discover or you could dip into some decompression with a Public Night Bath in the natural hot springs.

2. Resort at Squawk Creek, Lake Tahoe


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With an extensive list of therapies and outdoor activities in an incredible setting the opportunities to detach from your noisy life are limitless. Your days will be so jam-packed with skiing, hiking, flyfishing, outdoor swimming, rafting or paddle boarding that the only thing you’ll have the energy for is a warm Honey Wrap spa session

3. Solage, Napa Valley


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There’s no better way to leave the world behind by entering a world of pure luxury. If a digital detox involves heading out to one of the most beautiful wine farms in Napa Valley, unwinding in mineral water therapy pools, taking mud baths, going for massages and sipping on fine wines amongst the vines, then you can take everything I own that requires a plug.


4. Camp Grounded by Digital Detox®, Camp Mendocino


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The¨adult summer camp¨ with immersive, strictly device-free experiences, is back in May 2020, reminding you what life was like before technology entered your world. Remember the pure joy of climbing trees or wandering through the woods with friends, or birthday parties filled with fits of laughter? That’s what this is all about. It’s basically a mini-festival in the gorgeous setting of Camp Mendocino but without the selfies.

5. Bodega Bay Lodge, Bodega Bay


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This is the perfect getaway from The City and the Golden Gate bridge will still be in plain sight. The rolling lawns, gorgeous sandy bays, and wild overgrowth will make you consider a longer commute into work. You can start your days with long hikes along the Sonoma Coast, go surfing in the afternoon and settle in around the fire on the shore in the evening. There’s are also cute vintage bikes and picnic baskets available

6. Cavallopoint, Sausalito


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Having ludicrously close proximity to the city, it will be hard to fathom how this paradise even exists — and why you haven’t spent more time here. Not only is the lodge equipped with gorgeous white buildings and green hills with a perfect view of the Golden Gate bridge, but they also offer an impressive list of interesting spa sessions, including Healing Arts Serviced and guided meditation evenings.

Featured Image: Esalen, Big Sur

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