How The Dropkick Murphys’ “Social Distancing” Concert Saved St. Patrick’s Day

Ashlyn Davis Ashlyn Davis

Dropkick Murphy's St.Patrick's Day Concert

Amid global seclusion, the driving bassline and thrashing drums of the American Celtic rock band rises above the pall of the pandemic.

Just when we thought COVID-19 was about to cancel 2020 altogether, Dropkick Murphys decided to save St. Patrick’s Day by live-streaming their concert. For the Irish American rock band, the St. Patrick’s Day concert has been their biggest annual show for 24 years, without fail. This year was no different, except fans were more likely to be moshing with their pets, moms or 3-year-olds.

After being forced to cancel the performance the group stated on Facebook that “The current world situation is the ONLY thing that would ever stop us from doing so…we came up with an idea we’re going to pull off this Tuesday – the night of St. Patrick’s Day,” the band said. “We’re going to bring a DKM livestream concert to everyone, all over the world.”

The show trended on Twitter for about 4 hours, as over 150,000 fans of all ages across the world took a 2-hour hiatus from COVID content.

In case you missed it

The responses to the DKM streaming provides a first look at how the “social distancing concerts” might allow thrill-seeking fans to transcend their confines. Here’s how the show went down.

People asked their partners to spill beer on them to recreate the atmosphere

Others sat and quietly watched

People of all ages enjoyed it

Especially ones in diapers

Meanwhile, this pug began to question his life choices

Some even found some unexpected perks of a virtual concert

If you have neighbors that are DKM fans you would have heard a lot of toe-tapping

People reveled with caution

[Featured image: screenshot from Dropkick Murphy’s St.Patrick’s Day Concert]