You Can Soon Buy Dungeness Crab Right Off The Boat At Fisherman’s Wharf

Jamie Ferrell Jamie Ferrell

You Can Soon Buy Dungeness Crab Right Off The Boat At Fisherman’s Wharf

Calling all crab lovers! You can soon buy the freshest Dungeness crab catch directly from the boat during a one-year pilot program at Fisherman’s Wharf. The change comes as a result of a new resolution recently approved by the SF Port Commission.

The new program will begin with the Dungeness crab season, which was originally scheduled for November 15 but delayed in order to protect endangered sea turtles and whales, according to the SF Chronicle. The Department of Fish and Wildlife did not set an official date to kick off Dungeness crab season, but will reassess later in the month.

The Port Commission also voted to solidify a previously temporary program, in which fishermen can sell whole fish directly from their boats. Both programs are meant to help support local fishermen and members of the waterfront neighborhood.

As a result of the pandemic and decreased tourism, fishermen have seen a 71% decrease in restaurant sales. By cutting out the middle man, fishermen will make more of a profit while connecting directly with the public, and buyers will have access to the freshest catch of Dungeness crab.


The delayed Dungeness crab season means missing the market for Thanksgiving, as many fishermen are experiencing increased restrictions. Stay tuned to discover when the Port Commission gives the green light for fishermen to start selling crab right off their boats.


Featured image: Photo by Claude Potts on Unsplash

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