You Can Have A Swanky Afternoon Tea In The Fairmont’s 2-Story Gingerbread House

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You Can Have A Swanky Afternoon Tea In The Fairmont’s 2-Story Gingerbread House

One of San Francisco’s most celebrated holiday installations is the two-story gingerbread house at the Fairmont Hotel. The fascinating creation is 22 feet tall, composed of thousands of gingerbread bricks and gallons of royal icing. But did you know that you can actually reserve a private dining space within the structure? Groups of 8 are welcome to enjoy afternoon tea, dinner, and more inside of the famed sugary walls, if they’re willing to pay a pretty penny.

A team of engineers, builders, and of course pastry chefs began planning this year’s gingerbread house back in July. Each year, the life-size Victorian structure takes 520 hours to built, light, and outfit with thousands of pieces of candy. It’s created using over 8,000 baked 12×4 inch gingerbread cookie bricks, cemented together and decorated with a mountain of royal icing which requires 150 gallons of egg whites and 1,000 pounds of powdered sugar to make. It’s adorned with nearly 2,000 pounds of colorful candy, including Nerds, Peeps, gumdrops, candy canes, and much more.

If you’re hoping to reserve the private dining room inside of the gingerbread house, it’s available to rent for groups of up to 8 people for a $300 rental fee covering 2 hours. There is a $1,200 minimum required for food and beverage, plus tax and gratuity. If you want to dine in sugary style, you’ve gotta pull out the big bucks! To reserve this private gingerbread dining experience, you can email SAF.Santa@Fairmont.com.

For those of us who can’t commit to a swanky gingerbread tea, the house is on display for public viewing within the Fairmont Hotel’s lobby. It’s worth seeing alongside a beautiful 23-foot Christmas tree, a holiday train, and countless other decorations. Be sure to contribute to the hotel’s Make-A-Wish fundraiser while you’re there.


Additional holiday activities at the Fairmont include a hotel stay in Santa’s Suite, a recurring Holiday Tea, holiday dining in Laurel Court, and a fabulous New Year’s Eve celebration. Learn about all of these and more at the Fairmont Hotel’s website. 

Find the Fairmont Hotel at 950 Mason Street in San Francisco.


Featured image: @travel_in_heels via Instagram

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