This Popular Adult Store Is Opening A Sex-Positive Cocktail Bar In Oakland

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This Popular Adult Store Is Opening A Sex-Positive Cocktail Bar In Oakland

Owner Nenna Joiner hopes to open Feelmore Social Club in January 2022.

Feelmore Adult is a Black and Queer-owned sex shop that has been “delivering orgasms immediately” for over a decade. The popular adult store has successful locations in Oakland and Berkeley, but owner Nenna Joiner has officially launched their next endeavor slated for January 2022: the Feelmore Social Club will be a vibrant, sex-positive cocktail bar around the corner from Feelmore Adult in Oakland.

Courtesy of Feelmore Adult

Joiner first opened Feelmore Adult in 2009. Since then it has blossomed into an enthusiastic community promoting pleasure and independence, with year-round events and pop-ups. Joiner’s sincere passion, combined with high-quality products and customer service, make this cocktail bar a promising new venture.

The new location has already been purchased and plans are underway to develop it into a dynamic bar for the beginning of 2022. D├ęcor will evoke underground sex clubs of 1970s Times Square, and Joiner is working with a neon artist to bring vibrant lighting to the space.

In a YouTube video by Feelmore Adult from the end of September, Joiner asks for the public’s help in creating the new space. “This is a lot of work. A lot of work, but we can make it!” says Joiner. “I can honestly remember when it would’ve felt shameful to ask for help, but I don’t feel that way anymore, because I know that the community that I live in and the people that support me are really there for us… I know you’re out there, help us out!”

Courtesy of Feelmore Adult

“We have decided not to use Gov’t money to open our space,” reads the caption. “Not using the money means we get to do whatever it wants and make sure our space has a connection with the Feelmore Sex Store which if we took the money, it cannot! Gov’ts don’t like SEX!”


If you’re interested in donating, Feelmore is currently accepting donations via Venmo at @Feelmore. Be sure to follow @FeelmoreAdult on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter for udpates.

Feelmore Social Club will soon come to 1542 Broadway in Oakland. You can find Feelmore Adult at 1703 Telegraph Ave in Oakland and 2270 Shattuck Ave in Berkeley.


Featured image: Courtesy of Feelmore Adult

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