Flintstone House To Keep Dinosaurs And Lawn Statues After 4-Year Dispute

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Flintstone House To Keep Dinosaurs And Lawn Statues After 4-Year Dispute

The town of Hillsborough will pay owner Florence Fang $125,000.

Surely you’ve seen it when driving up 280. This bizarre home has perched on a hillside in Hillsborough since 1976, and its resemblance to the cartoon town of Bedrock has long earned it the nickname of the “Flintstone House.” But since it came into new ownership in 2017, the latest owner has really leaned into the whole Flintstone thing.

Florence Fang began adding giant statues of Flintstone characters, dinosaurs, the words “YABBA DABBA DO,” a retaining wall, a parking strip, deck, and much more. Town officials issued 3 “stop work” orders, claiming the additions were an eyesore and a public nuisance, but Fang countersued, claiming racial discrimination. Fang, a Bay Area newspaper mogul, is Chinese-American.

The Daily Post first reported that the suit was quietly settled back in April, but not publicized due to a gag order.

The settlement has arranged for Fang to dismiss her claims, and for the city to pay Fang $125,000 to cover lawsuit-related expenses. Fang will be allowed to keep her lawn decorations and other additions.


The Flintstone House was originally designed by Bay Area architect William Nicholson in 1976 at 45 Berryessa Way in Hillsborough. It was created by spraying “shotcrete,” or sprayed concrete, onto wire mesh frames covering large aeronautical balloons. The original off-white color was painted orange by a previous owner in 2000.

You can see the Flinstone House from the I-280 freeway, right on the Doran Memorial Bridge over San Mateo Creek.


Featured image: Jim Maurer via Flickr

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