A Gingerbread Monolith Appeared In Corona Heights Park On Friday

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A Gingerbread Monolith Appeared In Corona Heights Park On Friday

San Franciscans were treated to some mysterious holiday cheer this weekend.

Unsuspecting walkers got a festive surprise on Christmas morning when they stumbled upon a new monolith on their morning stroll. Only this time, unlike its shiny metal predecessors, this tower was made out of gingerbread!

For a month and a half, social media has been fascinated by mysterious monoliths that have popped up in various places across the world. The first one appeared in November in the middle of the desert in Utah, followed by others in Romania and California. The internet quickly erupted into theories about who, why, where, when and how, but many were just happy to have a change in the 2020 conversation.

On Friday, Corona Heights Park got its very own seasonal remix of the mysterious tower, shifting the conversation again towards a more cheery, lighthearted one. The monolith stood tall (and delicious) overlooking the gorgeous city skyline, made of a plywood structure and covered in real gingerbread, complete with icing and gumdrops.

“I think I smelled it before I actually saw it, must have been fresh,” said Anand Sharma in a Twitter message to SFGATE after coming across the cookie monolith on a morning run.

Unsurprisingly, San Franciscans quickly took a liking to the new addition to the park – someone even set up a photo with a candle in its place after it was destroyed by the weekend storm! Although it made only a short appearance – a mere 24 hours or so – the gingerbread monolith certainly made its mark on the season and spread lots of joy in the process.

[Featured image: @colettemc]

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