A Wholesome ‘High Five Zone’ Has Appeared In Golden Gate Park

Jamie Ferrell Jamie Ferrell

A Wholesome ‘High Five Zone’ Has Appeared In Golden Gate Park

“Make eye contact… aim for the elbow…”

Golden Gate Park is already a pretty wholesome place to spend an afternoon, but we are loving this new “High Five Zone” that has appeared on the eastern end of the park! The earliest social media posts we’ve found of the High Five Zone were published in the last week of June, so it hasn’t been around for long.

The zone is marked by a red sign with the words “HIGH FIVE ZONE,” complete with a hand reaching out for a high five. On the ground you’ll see instructions: “Make eye contact… Flatten your hand… Aim for the elbow… High five now.”  They come complete with small diagrams in case you need a refresher!

The same instructions are printed on the ground for people walking from the other direction. In other words, passersby are encouraged to high five each other when entering the zone!


SF Rec & Parks has yet to take responsibility for Golden Gate Park’s new High Five Zone, and it’s unclear how long it’ll be there. But if you want to see it for yourself, you’ll find it at the Stanyan Street parkway entrance on the eastern end of the park. Bring your hand sanitizer for Covid-safe high-fives, and have fun!


Featured image: @ted_oconnell via Instagram

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