Burger King Is Bringing Pigless Pork Burgers To San Francisco

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All you need to know about Impossible’s pigless pork.

After the raging success of the Impossible Burger, the culinary wizards have invented the most sustainable swine out there – not just because of the positive impact on the planet, but because it promises to be tasty enough to ensure your vegan ambitions go beyond sporadic #meatlessmondays. The Impossible Pork Croissan’wich®, however, will only be at selected Burger Kings for a limited time.


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There couldn’t be a better time for plant-based pork to enter the market, as the global focus rapidly shifts towards climate change, consumers are desperately looking for greener solutions and alternatives in all areas of life. This move to meatless patties could have an enormous impact, trickling down the supply chain and eventually preventing parts of the Amazon from being mowed down to make way for farmland. So naturally, the best move for the Redwood city-based team would be to tackle the most widely-eaten meat in the world, pork.

So what does this faux-meat frenzy mean for your hog roasts, pork bellies, chicharrónes, carnitas, ribs, pork chops, pork noodles, hoisin pork noodles, and salami sandwiches? Well, nothing yet, but it does mean you can get your pork cravings sorted out with breakfast patties wedged into a croissant and stuffed with cheese at selected Burger Kings.

The flavor has been described by the  Impossibleas “mild savory flavor, adding delicate depth and umami richness without being gamey or overpowering” by Impossible Foods, but you should probably be the judge.

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