The Jerry Garcia Amphitheater Has Reopened After A $1.45M Renovation

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The Jerry Garcia Amphitheater Has Reopened After A $1.45M Renovation

SF Shakespeare Festival is putting on an exciting performance of Pericles: Prince of Tyre.

SF Recreation & Parks has announced that McLaren Park’s beloved Jerry Garcia Amphitheater is finally reopening! The amphitheater will host the San Francisco Shakespeare Festival’s 2021 season.

The amphitheater has undergone a $1.45M renovation to improve pathways, accessibility, and seating. The adjacent spaces can now receive food trucks and other services, and the overall experience for visitors will be noticeably more comfortable and ergonomic.

San Francisco Shakespeare Festival has put on a series of free performances of Pericles: Prince of Tyre, of which Episodes 1-3 were streamed online. You can watch recaps or the full episodes here. Throughout September, they will perform Episode 4, “This Great Miracle.” It is directed by Carla Pantoja.

“I am so excited to be at the reopening of the Jerry Garcia Amphitheater,” said Mayor Breed. “This venue has played such an important role in our city’s artistic culture and development, bringing live performances not only to this neighborhood but to all in San Francisco to enjoy. It is great to see the Amphitheater filled again with people having a good time right here in the heart of McLaren Park.”

The official schedule to enjoy Pericles: The Prince of Tyre is as follows:

Jerry Garcia Amphitheater (McLaren Park in San Francisco):

  • 2pm Saturday, September 18 (Preview)
  • 2pm Sunday, September 19 (Opening)
  • 2pm Friday, September 24
  • 2pm Saturday, September 25
  • 2pm Sunday, September 26

Memorial Park Amphitheater (Stevens Creek Blvd & Mary Ave in Cupertino)

  • 4pm Saturday, October 2 (Preview)
  • 4pm Sunday, October 3 (Opening)
  • 4pm Friday, October 8
  • 4pm Saturday, October 9
  • 4pm Sunday, October 10

Pericles: Prince of Tyre was written in part by William Shakespeare, likely with the collaboration of dramatist and pamphleteer George Wilkins. It’s a long story, but here’s a very abbreviated synopsis:

Pericles is a young prince fleeing the wrath of King Antiochus of Antioch after discovering the king’s incestuous relationship with his daughter. Pericles experiences trials and tribulations during his travels, eventually winning the hand of the beautiful Thaisa, daughter of King Simonides of Pentapolis. The two wed and have a daughter, Marina, before they are separated in a storm at sea, each assuming the other dead. Pericles leaves Marina in the care of his old ally Cleon, governor of the city of Tarsus, and his wife Dionyza. The couple eventually plots to kill Marina because she is more beautiful than their daughter, but their plan is thwarted when she is kidnapped by pirates. Episode 4 starts from this moment!

SF Shakespeare Festival’s exciting performance is a great opportunity to check out the newly-reopened Jerry Garcia Amphitheater in McLaren Park.

While you’re at it, consider donating to the SF Shakespeare Festival in order to keep these lovely performances free and accessible to all!


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