Kim And Kanye Are Living In The Future And It’s Right Here In California

Ashlyn Davis Ashlyn Davis

kim and kanye new LA home

If it were up to Kanye we would be living in an Anish Kapoor artwork. And that’s exactly what their new LA home is, a work of art.

Kimye has brought all your minimalist, neutral-toned, zen dreams to life. And they’ve done it with the visionary, Axel Vervoordt. This Californian sanctuary is the new height of luxury –  a stripped-back dialogue of space, light, beauty and spirituality. An Architectural Digest feature aptly describes the home as being a minimalist monastery from another world. [Main image: @kimkardashian via instagram]


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But, this isn’t just a show home designed for the sake of glossy mags or as an interview set.  While the arched hallways of the home are imbued with a sense of serenity, it’s balanced out with the welcomed chaos of family life.


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The home is a meeting ground of an impressive roster of designers, where a Jean Royère Polar Bear sofa will find itself in conversation with a limestone table by Axel Vervoordt. The Wests are probably breaking ground in a way we don’t even understand yet, exploring the interplay between the individuals and their immediate world, where art is no longer on the mantel-piece but rather becomes a playground – like the Isabel Rower sculpture (pictured above) that takes up the entire floor of the playroom, for example.


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With this a newly-found mental and physical decluttering, it’s unsurprising that the mergence of art, design, religion and philosohpy permeates every aspect of Kanye’s life, as echoed in the song “Everything we need”.

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