This Lupine Flower Superbloom At Folsom Lake Is Blowing Us Away

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This Lupine Flower Superbloom At Folsom Lake Is Blowing Us Away

You can find the flowers about 2.5 hours out of the City.

Who’s up for a roadtrip?! Spring has brought us some incredible flowers, from the wildflower superbloom in Davenport to the tulip garden and cherry blossoms in Golden Gate Park. But we’ve got another superbloom for you, this time east of the City.

Folsom Lake is a reservoir northeast of Sacramento coming out of a dry season. The lupine flowers are exploding across the area in areas that are normally underwater, and thousands of visitors have overwhelmed the area in order to catch the bloom before it ends. Lupine, a native California wildflower, is a stunning purple color. It’s created breathtaking, dense carpets of purple that make for unbelievable photos.

Rich Preston-LeMay, sector superintendent of Folsom Lake Park, told SFGATE that he expects the superbloom to last through at least the first week of May. He said this is the most intense lupine bloom he’s seen in his 17 years at Folsom Lake.

But be warned: the area is so inundated with visitors that parking lots are filling up, forcing cars out onto road shoulders or turnouts. Folsom Lake State Park has begun issuing citations for cars parked outside of designated parking areas.


The park’s busiest entrance is the Granite Bay one, but you may find other ones through Salmon Falls, Folsom Point or Shadow Glen. See the park website for a full list of entrances and updated regulations. Most are accessible from the east via Interstate 80 to Douglas Blvd, or from the north via Highway 50 to Hazel Ave or Folsom Blvd. Visitors often enter the park on foot, bike, or horseback.

If you decide to check out Folsom Lake’s impressive lupine superbloom, remember to be respectful of the area and gentle with the plants. Stay on the trails and be wary of stepping on or damaging the flowers. Don’t forget to share your pictures with us on Instagram and tag us with #MySecretSF!


[Featured Image: @hiker.hustle via Instagram]

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