These WWII Bunkers In The Marin Headlands Will Take You Back In Time

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These WWII Bunkers In The Marin Headlands Will Take You Back In Time

This hiking trail also has a labyrinth and incredible views.

We all know the Marin Headlands are home to some of the best hiking in the state, and if you haven’t been to this popular spot, you’re missing out! The Coastal Trail is an easy hiking loop with plenty of opportunities for exploring, from the rock labyrinth to the WWII bunkers.

The bunkers are easy enough to find by following the main trail. You can go inside and check out the same view that the U.S. Army saw over 70 years ago when making its seacoast defense of the harbor. The bunkers have been sprayed over by a decent amount of graffiti, but they’re still quite interactive.

While you’re at it, this trail also takes you to a stone labyrinth similar to the famous one at Lands End, and you can find blue whale bones and baleen at the picnic area near the end of the trail. It’s a fun, family-friendly hike that you should check out at least once in Marin!


If you’re looking for a more intensive hiking experience, you can connect the Coastal Trail to Rodeo Beach and the Miwok Trail Loop, or otherwise the Bobcat Trail Loop. The Coastal Trail itself is only about 2.5 miles (4 km), so any more serious hikers may benefit from taking a look at the connecting trails. Wherever you end up in the Marin Headlands, it’s guaranteed to be beautiful.

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Featured image: @plwan_gr via Instagram

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