Lyft And Uber Get The Boot As Market Street Closes To Traffic

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market street closure

Market Street goes car-free, but what about electric unicycles?

Lyft and Uber vehicles get kicked out Market Street along with all privately owned vehicles, in a series of ambitious “Quick Build” projects happening across the city. From January 29th, the road will no longer be accessible to privately owned vehicles, in a bid to make Market Street a safer, healthier and more attractive place for cyclists, pedestrians and public transport riders. The iconic thoroughfare is also set to be dressed up with new walkways and a ton of trees, so street photographer pile-ups are likely to be on the rise too.

So, where is the closure happening exactly?

Everything eastbound from 10th Street up to Steuart Street, and Westbound up until 11th Street, will be closed to private vehicles. Luckily, all vehicles will still be able to cross the road, for the most part, but turning onto it is completely out of the question – unless a $238 fine isn’t much of a deterrent.

Will Market Street become a market?

Nope. The new closure is aiming to ease traffic and promote swifter journeys for public transit users, cyclists, and pedestrians through one of the city’s busiest 2.2-mile stretch. While catching an Uber ride is going to be a pain, city-regulated like Flywheel or Yellow will still be an option. And, of course, you’ll still be able to catch a siren-topped ride to the local police station or hospital.

What about cyclists?


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Cyclists will be getting their very own, dedicated lane! With bicycle-related accidents accounting for the highest number of accidents on the street since 2014,  the changes are aimed at making city rides a little smoother for the two-wheel kind. Could this be the perfect excuse to get that custom Stinson?

Will you still be dodging electric unicyclists?

While Uber drivers will take a knock from the changes, you’ll still be sidestepping Uber employees zooming into the HQ – ironically, located on the street – on their micromobility vehicles. We’re not sure what it means for juggling unicyclists though.

A recap:

🚌: Business as usual with extensions and improvements. Yay!

🚕: Only city-regulated ones.

🚛: Permitted, but at limited times.

🚲: Absolutely.

🛴: Go right ahead.

🚑: Obviously.



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