Michelin-Star Chef Massimo Bottura Is Offering Free Cooking Lessons On His Instagram

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Stuck at home? Learn how to cook a meal like the pros with Chef Bottura!

With restaurants in some counties starting to close, it’s time to start learning how to make those fancy restaurant dishes from the comfort of your home! Now, Michelin-Star Chef Massimo Bottura is here to teach us how to enjoy a three-Michelin-star meal from our very own kitchen.

On Sunday night, Chef Bottura announced via Instagram he’d be live streaming his family dinners on his account so those who are stuck at home, just like he is, can also enjoy a delicious meal while improving their cooking skills. An excellent deal, if you ask me. His uber-positive energy and commitment to making our lives a little bit better will get anyone ready and in the mood to whip up some award-winning tortellini!

Bottura aptly named his series Kitchen Quarantine and is broadcasting them in English to reach as many people as possible. “I want to share this joyful, family experience with everyone connected around the world,” said the chef on one of his most recent Q&As when asked why he wasn’t live streaming in his native Italian.

In the last three episodes of Kitchen Quarantine, chef Bottura has taught his followers how to make a delicious veggie Thai curry packed full of flavor, a warm “bollito” salad with a boiled-meats base and his signature tortellini bathed in a creamy parmesan sauce. The chef has also been answering some of the live streams’ most burning questions on his daily Instagram Q&As for those struggling with the recipes. If you missed out on the last few live streams, don’t worry, you can rewatch them on San Pellegrino’s Fine Dining Lovers website, right here.


So, while a gastronomic excursion to Gucci’s Osteria in Los Angeles and Bottura’s Modenese Osteria Francescana seems to be off the table for now,  at least we can enjoy his delicious family-style meals from the comfort of our own kitchens!

Feature image: Osteria Francescana

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