The Retro Candy Shop With Over 100 Ice Cream Flavors • Miyako Old Fashion Ice Cream

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Miyako Old Fashioned Ice Cream

The cute Japantown gem with peanut butter chocolate ice cream, candy cigarettes and a focus on people.

Let this black-owned old-school ice cream and candy shop serve you up some serious nostalgia and welcoming smiles. There are no pretenses here, just Tom, the owner, treating customers to a trip down memory lane and creating a community through genuine interactions.


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Shelves are lined with mason jars filled with all the sweet treats from your childhood in this charming, retro spot. One of the most popular items is the candy cigarette, with few places offering the iconic sweet and many seeking a taste of their youth, this has become one of main draws to the Japantown spot.


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The shop also boasts 100 flavors of ice cream, including avocado. While you may be met with the paralyzing paradox of choice, the idea is to chat with Tom, find a suitable flavor and frequent the prevailing Fillmore spot over time. The most notable flavors (according to Yelp reviews) is the caramel praline and the peanut butter chocolate, which may help you navigate if you’re visiting for the first time.


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One of the reasons Tom’s shop has managed to outlast ebb and flow of shiny new developments in the area is because of his unusual (by today’s standards) approach to business: a good old-fashioned smile and getting to know his customers, without exploiting them. Loyalty is the foundation of Miyako’s business model, with customers enjoying the engaging service, the low prices, the mix of traditional Japanese and American flavors, and the giant portions. On top of that the sweet spot is also open till late — Miyako means “beautiful night child”.

If having your name scribbled on a paper feels like a feeble attempt at personalization then head to Miyako Old Fashion Ice Cream.

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