An Immersive Glowing Alien Forest Has Arrived In San Francisco

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An Immersive Glowing Alien Forest Has Arrived In San Francisco

Nocturne X is a massive multisensory art & tech exhibition that responds to touch, sound, and movement.

Prepare to be transported to a mysterious alien planet called Nocturne X, complete with glowing plants, surreal landscapes, crystal caves, awesome music, and more! This unbelievable artistic experience promises a mystical art exhibition by day and a psychedelic dance floor by night.

The massive 4,000-square-foot ecosystem is completely interactive, meaning you can explore hundreds of hand-sculpted plants and trees. The glowing vegetation is full of surprising stories and puzzles, and the interconnected landscape responds to touch, sound, and movement.

Courtesy of Nocturne X

Local arts nonprofit Gray Area hosts this exhibition created by Numina Studio, a 50-person art/tech studio that connects artisans, tradespeople, and tech experts. Nocturne X is the studio’s first major exhibition, and they’re coming in with a bang by using cutting-edge technology for a one-of-a-kind storytelling experience. Dozens of sculptors, fabricators, metal and woodworkers, sound and light designers, and more worked tirelessly to bring this 4,000-square-foot mystical forest to life.

Tickets are now available to see Nocturne X. Visitors of all ages can enjoy the exhibition by day in a self-guided expedition.

The space is also hosting Nightfall on Nocturne X. The nighttime series boasts a 21+ concert space with a paid bar, dance floor, DJ booth, and 360-degree music visualization.


Courtesy of Nocturne X

“So many immersive experiences out there feel closer to aesthetic sets you can stand in front of and take selfies,” says Numina Studio’s co-founder and artist Shlomo Zippel. “For Nocturne X, we saw this huge opportunity for artists to leverage technology to craft a world that really invites the audience to engage with it. The entire team worked hard to ensure that Nocturne X really feels alive and I’m proud to say that it truly stands apart from other immersive experiences across the country.”

Find Nocturne X at Gray Area, located at 2665 Mission St. in San Francisco. The massive exhibition will be on display Tuesday-Sunday until January 2022.


Featured image: Courtesy of Nocturne X

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