Sudan Archives And Other Exciting Noise Pop Festival Acts To See

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Sudan Archives Noise Pop

Here’s a list of acts you need to see at Noise Pop and why you need to see them…

Noise Pop has released another wave of lineups, including a special selection of local Bay Area artists. Nothing beats feeling like you’re discovering the undiscovered, with an energetic crowd of people that have a shared passion for exploring diverse sounds. This festival is like a mainstream detox, that never fails to deliver. [Main image: Sudan Archives]

You can expect anything from experimental electronic-folk artists to Grammy-winning instrumentalists, to British/Japanese house producers. But with its extensive lineup, you’ll have a tough time trying to see everything, these are the ones you don’t want to miss.

1. Sudan Archives


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The Ohio-born violinist and vocalist fuses Ethiopian violin styles with R&B, hip-hop beats and ethereal vocals to create a unique style that didn’t exist until now.

2. Jamila Woods

Jamila Woods is reinventing soul but honors every musical legend of color while doing it.

3. Velvet Negroni

As his name reveals, Velvet Negroni is brimming with creativity and hypnotic sounds.

4. Raphel Saadiq

Raphael Saadiq has been a major influence in the music scene without you even realizing it. With Grammy wins, Oscar nominations and an impressive list of collaborations – ranging from Erykah Badu to Stevie Wonder, to D’angelo – it would be a crime to miss this.

5. Papooz


The indie-pop kings from Paris liven up a bossa nova style with choppy guitar work and infectious choruses that you’ll be humming for days. It’s a hipster af but it’s brilliant.

6. Shigeto

The Michigan-born artist designs fractured rhythms that draw on Motown jazz, using a range of mediums at his disposal.

 8. Jaques Greene

The French-Canadian producer has been making the deep house genre his playground for almost a decade. The club music, simmering with subtle acid and ambient undertones will rip up any dance floor.

9. Benjamin Gibbons


Death Cab For Cutie’s, Benjamin Gibbons, will you give you all the feels with slow, sweet and sometimes sad melodies.

Find more amazing acts below.


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Feb 24 - Mar 1, 2020
$199 - $399
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