These Popular Fried Dough Treats Are Like Biting Into Sweet, Gooey Clouds

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These Popular Fried Dough Treats Are Like Biting Into Sweet, Gooey Clouds

If you already have a sweet tooth, it’s about to get way worse.

If you’re not already familiar with malasadas, get ready to be hooked. Malasadas, also known as ‘Portugese doughnuts,’ are every sweets lover’s dream. They’ve been a huge staple in Hawai’i since the 19th century, when Portuguese laborers from the Azores and Madeira immigrated to the islands, bringing with them some of their favorite home country recipes.

They’re seen as a comfort food in Hawai’i, so much so that Mardi Gras is actually referred to as Malasada Day, and we can totally see why. Malasadas are essentially fluffier doughnuts with a more eggy dough and no hole. They’re also, of course, rolled in sugar and cinnamon and often filled with creams and custards – an elevated doughnut, if you ask us. 

The Bay Area offers quite the selection of spots to get this delicious treat and one in particular, Ocean Malasada, has been thrust into the spotlight this year. Ocean Malasada was started by husband and wife duo Randy and Dee Santos as an homage to the delicious treats they grew up eating as part of the area’s large Pacific Islander community. They serve up all kinds of extra fluffy malasadas, some more traditional and some remixed with flavors inspired by the couple’s Filipino roots.

The company started out as a home operation in 2016, which morphed into wildly popular pop-ups all around San Francisco. The couple had just sealed the deal to appear at Off The Grid’s Fort Mason market earlier this year, which they did once, before the pandemic forced them to shift gears.

Ocean Malasada currently operates out of Daly City as a curbside pick-up and delivery only business, so that, amid stay-at-home orders, Bay Area locals can still get their mouthwatering doughy treats. And this month, the Santos team upped their game yet again with the introduction of their new dry mix kits, allowing their loyal customers to make their very own malasadas from the comfort of home (and you know what that means: you can eat them while they’re still hot!).

Malasadas come in all the flavors you could ever dream of. Aside from their fixed tasty fillings like guava, nutella, leche flan, and haupia (a Hawaiian coconut pudding), Ocean Malasada is also known to frequently experiment with delicious new creations. Think banana crème brûlée, matcha, Furikake cornflake with chocolate glaze, and ube glazed malasadas (drooling yet?).

Boxes of this fried deliciousness can be ordered from Ocean Malasada’s website for curbside pickup or delivery via Postmates. Customers can also find Ocean Malasada on Doordash, UberEats, & Grubhub.

Location: 25 Washington Street, Daly City

Hours: Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday 10am – 1pm


[Featured image: Ocean Malasada]

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