This New Underground Social Club Is Serving Up Exotic Cocktails In Nob Hill

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This New Underground Social Club Is Serving Up Exotic Cocktails In Nob Hill

Persona is an exciting new “subterranean party hideout” and event space.

San Francisco is really starting to look alive again, and many of us are overdue for a nice, quality cocktail! Lucky for us, a new, swanky bar has just opened its doors in Nob Hill. Persona has made quite an entrance as an exotic cocktail bar, social club, and event venue. It boasts unique drinks in a grungy yet luxurious setting, and is sure to be one of the hottest new happy hour spots in San Francisco.

Nikki Ritcher Photography, courtesy of Persona

Owners Juan Loredo, Jose Natividad (Barrelhouse, Vinyl Room), and Keith Goodman (Matador) have put forward a beautiful, underground space with lovely decor and great drink options. Oscar Sinisterra, previously of Cold Drinks bar and Hello Stranger, curated a unique cocktail menu that reimagines classic drinks using unconventional ingredients and techniques. Think mezcal with sherry wine and vermouth, or Palo-Santo-infused gin with Campari. These fun flavor combinations really bring the cocktail experience to the next level.

Nikki Ritcher Photography, courtesy of Persona

The space itself was designed by Craige Walters of C Walters Design. The rough, dark wall texture contrasts beautifully with sleek gold accents, illuminated liquor displays, large mirrors with inlaid TVs, and comfortable lounge seating around a large U-shaped bar. The space is also adaptable for both large- and small-scale private events.

Nikki Ritcher Photography, courtesy of Persona

“San Francisco has always been known for underground culture and personal expression,” says Bob Jordan from Factory 808 Designs. “As we developed the concept these two characteristics were some things that we valued and wanted to explore more. The process took us down many avenues but we were fascinated with San Francisco’s erotic cinema culture of the ’60s and 70s. It’s part of the history of the city and you’ll find subtle inspirations of that throughout the establishment.”

Find Persona at 685 Sutter Street in the Lower Nob Hill neighborhood of San Francisco. They are currently open Tuesday-Saturday from 4pm to 2am, with daily hours coming soon.


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Featured image: Nikki Ritcher Photography, courtesy of Persona

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