20 Stunning Photos That Definitively Prove Why NorCal Is Better Than SoCal

Jamie Ferrell Jamie Ferrell

20 Stunning Photos That Definitively Prove Why NorCal Is Better Than SoCal

Based on our extensive research, Northern California is empirically, emphatically, and extremely better than Southern California.

We don’t know about you, but we’re incredibly sure that Southern California isn’t that cool. We looked at thousands of photos, and we concluded that NorCal is better. Because it just is.

Take our beaches, for example. In places like Santa Monica and San Diego, you’ll find the sand so crowded and full of tourists that there’s not even a spot to lay down your towel. In NorCal, we have incredible natural beaches that don’t have a ton of hotels and buildings crammed in along the shoreline. Exhibits A, B, and C:

Ok, the water might be a *little* colder, but again! The natural coastlines! The dramatic cliffs! The lack of urban development! NorCal is better.

And don’t even get us started on the forests and countryside. The Sequoias! The greenery! The wildflowers and rolling hills!

NorCal is home to some of the most beautiful natural countryside in the world, and we’re sorry, but SoCal just can’t measure up.

Ok, well since you got us started…

To be honest, we were gonna cap this at ten pics, but our bridges are pretty amazing too.

Bixby! Golden Gate! Bay Bridge! Yes, we see you SoCal. And we raise you SEVERAL superior bridges.


You know what? There’s no shortage of evidence showing why NorCal is far superior to SoCal.

So… we’ll just leave these here.

Think you can do better than that, SoCal? Bring it on!


[Featured Image: @gokulpixel via Instagram]

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