You Can Stay In This Epic Pinecone Tree House Just An Hour Out Of The City

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You Can Stay In This Epic Pinecone Tree House Just An Hour Out Of The City

It’s an Airbnb available for rent in Bonny Doon.

This pinecone treehouse is seriously blowing our minds. As if our beloved redwood trees couldn’t get any more impressive, you can actually sleep in their upper canopy thanks to an incredible tiny house that’s suspended from above. The house provides 360 degree views of the surrounding forest, and it’s complete with a queen-sized bed, a bathroom, heating, and wifi.

At the moment, the pinecone tree house is undergoing repairs. But we’ll definitely be keeping an eye on its Airbnb page to see when dates open back up.

The house hangs 35 feet above the ground on the uphill side, and 60 feet above from the downhill side, so you’ll see the surrounding forest from an extra-unique point of view. It was built by O2 Treehouse Commercial Inc, a company that aspires to create captivating structures that connect people with the natural world.

Guests access the house via a steep alternating step ladder that leads to a trap door. The bathroom includes a composting toilet, a hot shower, and sink. It’s located on the lower level of the treehouse, where you can shower with stunning views of the surrounding trees.

The pinecone house’s Airbnb page implores you to “allow the healing power of this forest environment and this awe inspiring structure to sing you into complete relaxation, imagination and reflection.”


“The Pinecone Treehouse is a space created to tap into your higher self, a space to rediscover your inner calm. Cradled by those living giants the California Redwoods, one is invited to live in the vision of their dreams, to quiet the mind until they can hear their inner truths, to reestablish a connection with nature and  self.  Our greatest hope is for guests of the Pinecone Treehouse to leave refreshed, inspired, reconnected, and recommitted to themselves, their dreams, and to this beautiful home that we call Mother Earth. ”

Uh, yeah, that sounds great to us! Check back on the Pinecone House Airbnb page for a chance to sleep among the redwood trees.


[Featured Image: @michelle.lawrencee via Instagram]

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