Bay Area Photographers Are Obsessed With This Fascinating Local Shipwreck

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Bay Area Photographers Are Obsessed With This Fascinating Local Shipwreck

The Point Reyes Boat is an iconic old shipwreck in Inverness.

Whether you’re a history enthusiast, a photographer, or just a fan of cool, old things, you should check out this old boat up the coast from the City.

The S.S. Point Reyes is an old abandoned fishing boat that’s been stranded on a sand bar in Inverness for several decades. According to photographer Greg Disch, it belonged to a local resident who intended to repair it, but ended up beaching it in the Tomales Bay.

Since then, it’s been a go-to spot for local photographers who love capturing the deteriorating old wreck. A group of photographers actually saved it from being removed when Dixon Marine Services, a wetlands restoration firm, took over the land.

In 2016, the old boat was set on fire and damaged in the back. It’s now unsafe to board, but it’s still certainly worth photographing.


To visit the S.S. Point Reyes in Inverness, California, you’ll want to drive out to 12781 Sir Francis Drake Boulevard. Keep an eye out for the Inverness Store, where you can park and then go find the boat out in the water.

There’s an old dirt trail that takes you near it, and even a small picnic area, but depending on the water level that day, it may be more or less difficult to see it up close.

Bring your best waterproof shoes and be sure to take pictures of this awesome Inverness shipwreck!


[Featured Image: @blake.berger via Instagram]

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