Rainbows Are Popping Up In Windows Around The World

Ashlyn Davis Ashlyn Davis

quarantine rainbows

The whole world is following the heartwarming rainbow trend and now there’s a map to find them.

Next time you go on your grocery store run, keep your eyes peeled for the colorful trend taking over neighborhood windows. While kids have been stuck inside, it hasn’t stopped them from creating multicolored masterpieces to stick in the windows, for the outside world enjoy.

It began in Italy as a symbol of solidarity with “tutto andrà bene” being the primary slogan. Slowly but surely more photos of rainbows in windows have been showing up and have been posted under hashtags like #FollowTheRainbow and #ChaseTheRainbow. However, after Brooklynites adopted the trend, it has since turned into a largescale scavenger hunt with a map and everything. The sweet gesture gives children a creative and social outlet while adding a little magic to the standard grocery store haul.

The message on the organizers’ document sums it up perfectly: “a lovely reminder for all of us that in a storm there is still something to look forward to.”

The movement has now made it’s way to The Bay Area.

How to add your own rainbow:
1. Follow this link.
2. Type your address in the search bar to the right and click the blue magnifying glass icon.
2. Click “Add to Map” to mark your location.

Alternatively, you can add your rainbow location and details to this spreadsheet.

Original article on Secret NYC.

Featured image source: Google Maps

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