This Floating Park Is A Paradise Amid SF’s Skyscrapers

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This Floating Park Is A Paradise Amid SF’s Skyscrapers

Salesforce Park is a lush, green island elevated 70 feet above Salesforce Plaza.

Downtown SF is home to countless modern marvels, but none so impressive as Salesforce Park, a lush rooftop landscape situated atop the Salesforce Transit Center. It’s an incredible, albeit controversial, ode to Big Tech and the future of city infrastructure.

Taking a cue from green roofs such as that of the California Academy of Sciences, Salesforce Park features 600 trees and 16,000 carefully maintained, drought-tolerant plants. They are spread across 11 different botanical gardens:

  • Australian Garden
  • Mediterranean Basin
  • Prehistoric Garden
  • Wetland Garden
  • Redwood Forest
  • Palm Garden
  • California Garden
  • Desert Garden
  • Fog Garden
  • Chilean Garden
  • South African Garden

Ned Kahn’s “Bus Fountain” is a water sculpture running the length of the park (about 1,200 feet) that is activated by the coming and going of the buses from the deck below. Far beneath the Transit Center is a gigantic subterranean space, supposedly dedicated to the future California High-Speed Rail, which has yet to exist.

A walking trail circles around the perimeter of the park, lined with benches and buzzing with butterflies, dragonflies, and hummingbirds. Salesforce Park is free and open for anyone to visit.

There’s also a grassy amphitheater available to the public for free yoga classes, outdoor movie nights, and musical events. Other features include a children’s play area, a free gondola ride from street level to park level, and a large main plaza.


Salesforce Park may be San Francisco’s newest public park, but it makes quite a statement. Be sure to check it out from 6am to 8pm every day, or until 9pm on Sundays.

Find Salesforce Park at 425 Mission Street in San Francisco’s Yerba Buena district.


[Featured Image: Instagram / @runstagram9]

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