San Francisco Is The #4 Best Foodie City In America, Study Shows

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San Francisco Is The #4 Best Foodie City In America, Study Shows

Cities were evaluated for affordability, diversity, quality, and accessibility to good food.

WalletHub recently released their 2021 list of the Best Foodie Cities in America, and San Francisco ranked as #4 out of 182 total cities evaluated! The top 3 spots were claimed by Portland, Orlando, and Miami, respectively.

WalletHub evaluated cities on a 100-point scale across 2 dimensions: (1) Affordability, and (2) Diversity, Accessibility, and Quality. 29 metrics were taken into account, including the cost of groceries, sales tax, restaurants per capita, food freshness, food festivals, restaurant diversity, and much more.

San Francisco achieved a total score of 67.89/100, earning it the #4 spot on the list. It came in #1 for diversity, accessibility, and quality, but was knocked down in the rankings for affordability, where it came in #173. The city stood out for having a very high number of restaurants, craft breweries, and wineries per capita.

The top 10 cities are as follows. You can see the full list of 182 cities here.


  1. Portland, OR (70.77)
  2. Orlando, FL (70.67)
  3. Miami, FL (68.85)
  4. San Francisco, CA (67.89)
  5. Austin, TX (64.91)
  6. Sacramento, CA (63.59)
  7. Denver, CO (62.98)
  8. Las Vegas, NV (62.93)
  9. Seattle, WA (62.91)
  10. Tampa, FL (62.17)

San Francisco’s food scene never disappoints, and we have some absolutely stellar restaurants to choose from! Be sure to check out our list of the 10 highest-rated restaurants in San Francisco, according to Google reviews.


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