10 Adorable San Francisco Dogs With A Better Instagram Feed Than You

Jamie Ferrell Jamie Ferrell

10 Adorable San Francisco Dogs With A Better Instagram Feed Than You

If you’re not already part of the SF doggy Instagram scene, you’re missing out!

According to a report by AirMail, San Francisco has more dogs than children. So it comes as no surprise that the canine children of SF’s tech crowd are absolutely working the Instagram scene. Any self-respectable animal lover will find dozens of famous pups on their Instagram explore page, but in case you’re looking for a good roundup, here are 10 doggy accounts to get you started.


1. @benny_the_berner

Name: Benny

Breed: Bernese Mountain Dog

Hobbies: Frolicking on the beach and being a Good Boy.

Follower Count: 14.8k


2. @littlecooperbear

Name: Cooper

Breed: Corgi

Hobbies: Hiking and comedy.

Follower Count: 51.5k


3. @samwellcharlie

Name: Samwell (Sam for short)

Breed: Mini Schnauzer

Hobbies: Snuggling, naps, and beard maintenance.

Follower Count: 16.9k


4. @spottedhumphrey

Names: Humphrey and Pota

Breed: French Bulldogs

Hobbies: Yoga and sleeping.

Follower Count: 121k


5. @coconutricebear

Name: Coconut Rice Bear (Coconut for short)

Breed: Samoyed

Hobbies: Galloping around corners and high fives.

Follower Count: 474k


6. @mavisthemutt

Name: Mavis

Breed: Sausage mutt


Hobbies: Doing a big stretch and maintaining @muttologysf startup.

Follower Count: 3.9k


7. @bacon_goji

Names: Bacon and Goji

Breeds: Australian Shepherd and Corgi

Hobbies: Nose boops and team sports.

Follower Count: 27.9k


8. @chompersthecorgi

Name: Chompers

Breed: Corgi

Hobbies: Food writing and travel.

Follower Count: 122k


9. @dailydougie

Name: Dougie

Breed: Shih Tzu

Hobbies: Self care and head scratches.

Follower Count: 519k


10. @piggiesandapitty

Name: Moki

Breed: Pit Bull

Hobbies: Playing with his guinea pig friends, Frida, Amelia, and Flora.

Follower Count: 46.5k


Bonus Dog Walkers:

11. @jeffwalksdogs

Jeff Cobos takes pics of the pack wherever they go! You can learn more about their adventures here.


12. @pintsizepackwalks

Another dog walking Instagram, but pint sized! Be sure to follow for some great doggy lineups and individual portraits.


[Featured Image: @littlecooperbear via Instagram]

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