San Francisco Is The 4th Best US City For An Outdoorsy Lifestyle, Study Shows

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San Francisco Is The 4th Best US City For An Outdoorsy Lifestyle, Study Shows

San Francisco came in 4th place behind Seattle, Boston, and Minneapolis.

Wilderness Times, a popular site among campers and hikers, evaluated 25 US cities based on how accommodating they are for residents seeking an outdoorsy lifestyle. They evaluated data including housing prices, nearby parks, weather, air quality, and more. The results are in, and San Francisco has ranked #4 on their list.

SF stood out in many of the categories. The city achieved a perfect score of 100% for residents living within 10 minutes of a local park. It also achieved 254 days with good air quality per year (as compared to Los Angeles’ 66) and a decent climate score of 7.85.

What knocked San Francisco down a couple places was its exorbitant median house price ($1,385,625) and high population density (18,951 per square mile). We know, we know… shocker.

[Image: Screenshot from WildernessTimes.com]

“Each category was analyzed and assigned a score individually, using data from several different sources,” explained Wilderness Times. “The scores from each category were then added up to obtain the final score for each city, which was used to rank the cities in order.”


San Francisco received a total score of 7.41 based on this ranking process. Seattle scored 7.68, Boston scored 7.64, and Minneapolis scored 7.58. Seattle’s high quantity of nearby trails (4, 452!) elevated it to the top of the list.

Do you agree with San Francisco coming in at #4 on this list of outdoorsy US cities?


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