SF Botanical Garden To Hold Native CA Plant Sale September 11 and 12

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SF Botanical Garden To Hold Native CA Plant Sale September 11 and 12

Fall is the best time of year to plant California native plants.

San Francisco Botanical Garden is one of our favorite spots in the city, and it’s not just for visiting! You can also buy some lovely plants at their open-air Arbor. This weekend, they have an extra-special selection of California native plants, just in time for their ideal planting season.

The California Native Plant Sale will happen on September 11 and 12 from 10am-4pm at SF Botanical Garden’s Plant Arbor. The Arbor is always open from Friday-Monday during those hours, but they only offer these special expanded selections once a month.

Browse a variety of perennials, succulents and shrubs that thrive in their native California climate! The California Plant Society recommends using native plants in your garden, as they are generally more drought-tolerant, require less maintenance and pesticide, and invite beneficial pollinators. They assert that native gardens “restore nature” to the California landscape. You can visit their Garden Inspiration page to start designing your own California native garden.

California has over 7,000 native plants, which is more than any other U.S. state! At least a third of the plants aren’t found anywhere else in the world. See these native planting guides to browse thousands of shrubs, flowers, grasses, succulents, and perennials. You can filter for plants requiring low water, plants that thrive in sun, plants that are easy to care for, and more.


Now that you’ve done your research, it’s time to visit SF Botanical Garden’s CA Native Plants sale! Check it out on Saturday and Sunday (September 11 and 12) from 10am-4pm at the Arbor.

The SF Botanical Garden is free for all SF City and County residents with proof of residency. The general public can get in for free before 9am daily and on the second Tuesday of every month.


Featured image: @sfbotanicalgarden via Instagram

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