SF City Hall Is Going All Out On Lighting For Pride, Juneteenth, Trans March, And More

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SF City Hall Is Going All Out On Lighting For Pride, Juneteenth, Trans March, And More

Their lighting schedule this month is frankly super impressive.

San Francisco City Hall is one of the most eye-catching buildings in San Francisco, with an incredible façade and dome that recall St. Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican. If the building itself weren’t awesome enough, it’s often lit up at night with a soft white light to help it stand out dramatically after dark.

San Franciscans are accustomed to seeing City Hall occasionally lit up in different colors for special events and holidays, but this month’s lighting schedule is seriously blowing us away. Almost every single day in June, we will be treated to a new lighting scheme honoring a different holiday, event, or group of people.

Here’s the lighting schedule this month, according to the City’s website:

6/1: Pink – Pink Triangle Lighting on Twin Peaks
6/2: Gold – SFUSD Class of 2021 Graduates
6/3: Red/white/blue – Honoring 1st Responders
6/4: Orange – National Gun Violence Awareness Day
6/7: Rainbow – Raising of PRIDE Flag and Kick-Off of SF PRIDE Month
6/8: Gold – Honoring Frontline workers
6/9: Blue – Honoring Healthcare workers
6/10: Red/white/blue – Honoring 1st Responders
6/11-12: Rainbow – PRIDE Movie Night at Oracle Park – by Frameline, SF PRIDE and SF Giants
6/14: Purple – Honoring our Hospitality industry
6/15: White – Ride of Silence – honoring those who lost their lives while cycling in SF
6/16: Blue – Honoring Healthcare workers
6/17: Red/white/blue – Honoring 1st Responders
6/19: Green/red/black – Juneteen/Emancipation Day
6/20: Gold/Green – Father’s Day
6/21-24: Rainbow – SF PRIDE
6/25: Blue/pink/white – TRANS March
6/26-27: Rainbow – SF PRIDE Weekend
6/28: Purple – Honoring our Hospitality industry
6/29: Gold – Honoring Frontline workers
6/30: Pink – Pink Triangle

For the rest of the month, it looks like we’ll be treated to 8 more days of rainbow lighting to represent Pride month. Other notable lighting sequences include green, red and black for Juneteenth; blue, pink, and white for the Trans March; red, white and blue for first responders; and gold and green for Father’s Day.


Other days, City Hall will be lit in 1 color only: purple for the hospitality industry, blue for healthcare workers, white for people who lost their lives cycling in SF, gold for frontline workers, and pink for the Pink Triangle. At the beginning of the month they lit up orange for gun violence awareness and gold for SFUSD’s class of 2021, among other things. Note that the lighting schedule is subject to change.

Photo by Kae Ng on Unsplash

City Hall turns on their 220 LED lightbulbs every day at sunset, so pick a day you’re excited to see and cruise over for a nice view in the evening! Interestingly, these LED bulbs were only placed in 2016. Until then, a group of workers would spend hours installing and uninstalling theatrical gels on each individual incandescent lightbulb for the day’s given color. The LED bulbs save a ton of electricity and last about 20 years, and of course changing the color is as simple as pressing a button.

Keep an eye on City Hall this month for some exciting colors that reflect the diversity of our community!


Featured image: Courtesy of Pankaj Bhargava

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