SF Hotels Turn On Their ‘Heartlights’ For Frontline Workers

Ashlyn Davis Ashlyn Davis

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Hotels are lighting up empty rooms in heart shapes to show support for workers during their lonely commute.

Hotel chain, InterContinental, is showing their support for the community with a sweet gesture that they’re calling #LightsOfLove. While the hotels are currently closed on account of the pandemic, the empty rooms are being used to create glowing hearts around the city.


Mark Hopkins Hotel – Apr 3 🤍 from r/sanfrancisco

Both locations, in Nob Hill and SoMa, are lighting up daily, giving workers returning home from their long shifts, or going into work to fight the daily battle against the virus, a small bit of encouragement.


On Reddit, a healthcare worker shared her view of the lights while driving down Mission. The post received an overwhelming response in the comments with kind words of appreciation, uplifting songs and tons of heart emojis.

being a frontline health care worker it’s always a great start to my day seeing a few simple things like ❤s made with lights left on in buildings in the city..it lifts my spirit up and brings a smile to my face.. helps me find the courage to do what I do.. we got this San Francisco.. from r/sanfrancisco

The little things go a long way and set our hearts aglow.


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